Want to Know How OfferzNow Works?

Have you ever heard of power in numbers? In the case of OfferzNow—it's true. Imagine your local business might spend $100 dollars to reach 100 Facebook fans. Single business Facebook advertising results graph

Now, imagine combining your efforts with 9 other businesses. Businesses combining Facebook advertising results graph

Without changing your investment, your business is now reaching 10 times more fans than it was before. Pretty nifty. Click below to read a little more about why your business should get on board with OfferzNow.

Once you get started with OfferzNow, you are in creative control. Pick the plan that best fits your business, create the deal (or deals) you want to offer and choose how long you want them to be available for – then, sit back and relax! Elements of OfferzNow - Plan, Dashboard, Sample Offer

All plans include targeted media outreach on Facebook, as well as “Daily Specials” posts, letting fans know your deals are happening. Check out our tips on how to make the most out of OfferzNow. Got enough info to make your decision? Itching to get those Offerz up? Go ahead and let the Offerz begin!

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