What is OfferzNow?

Venn Diagram showing OfferzNow at the intersection of a business and Facebook We recognized that there was a need to help local businesses grow and interact with the growing social community on Facebook. OfferzNow was born out of that need and allows your business to create your own offerz that you can then share on Facebook with prospective customers.

With OfferzNow, you'll receive benefits like:

  1. Benefit 1

    Efficiency: No printing or distribution costs, compared to current clipper magazines.

  2. Benefit 2

    Scheduling: Promote your Offerz as long as you want, instead of once a month, once a day, or once a quarter, like other websites and magazines.

  3. Benefit 3

    Targeting: Reach your audience where they are spending the majority of their time—Facebook.

  4. Benefit 4

    Promotion: Get your Offerz in front of your audience and let your customers be advocates for you as they share your specials with their friends.

  5. Benefit 5

    Monitoring: Receive detailed metrics reporting that provides insight into how OfferzNow is working for you.

What's An Offer?

Offer creation depiction

OfferzNow is a social media solution designed exclusively for local businesses. Offerz are deals that local businesses create here on our website. Businesses can add coupon Offerz and update existing Offerz while they're live, unlike traditional coupon magazines and other daily deal websites. Those Offerz then get posted to the OfferzNow Facebook page, a centralized location where fans from all over can enter their location and get local deals happening in their area, immediately. We like to think it’s flexible and efficient for everyone involved.

Your Business Just Got Social

Businesses working together

Local businesses can oftentimes struggle with having enough fans on a Facebook page to make offering deals worth their time and money. Other deal sites out there today also largely control the deal you offer and insist on requirements that practically cancel out any profitability you might make with your offer. That's where we come in.

We think that what you offer to your customers should be your decision, not ours. You can customize your Offerz to be just the way you want them—simply put, you're in control. The other added benefit with OfferzNow is based around a core idea: power in numbers. When your offer is promoted alongside other local businesses on our page, the number of eyes exposed to your deal exponentially increases. The aggregated fan base that OfferzNow provides businesses makes the decision of offering deals a no-brainer.

Who's Looking For Offerz?

The internet is saturated with daily deal websites and coupon offers, except for the one place 78 million (and growing) Americans are spending their time: Facebook. For users, OfferzNow is a unique solution in comparison to other couponing and deal sites out on the web today. Instead of one daily deal, OfferzNow gives them multiple deals in one place. This is not just convenient for consumers—it's convenient for businesses, too. Users can come back and be advocates for your business by liking your business and the deals they've used. They can also share your deals through Facebook or email, organically spreading the word through their own social network.

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